Bridging genres and generations with original music steeped in the history of its influences, Hood Smoke's sonic narrative illustrates timeless stories using beautifully simple melodies set to a rhythmic foundation built firmly from the bass up.

Since the release of their debut album Laid Up In Ordinary (2012) Hood Smoke has continued to bridge the gap between retro and modernity in a uniquely sincere way. Midwest Record proclaimed, "A smoking Chicago crew that knows their groove history deliver Grandson of Rufus on this funky for the times set." 

The band is a tour de force whose members have performed with Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Koko Taylor, Rhymefest, Garrison Keillor, Nick Lowe, Chris Thile, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Postmodern Jukebox, John Wetton, Howard Levy, and Steve Coleman.

With their second album Regular Neurotic (2014) the band began collaboration with producer and engineer Anthony Gravino. The power anthem “Never Suffering” gained the band recognition by American Songwriter, and The Chicago Sun Times declared Hood Smoke a “must-see act.”

On the heels of their third release Rough Around The Hedges (2016) which Newcity described as “whip-smart jazz-funk-fusion” whose “lyrics are top-notch throughout,” Doherty proved his prolificacy as a composer and lyricist. 2016 also saw the band’s first national tour as they wooed audiences from large rock festivals to intimate jazz clubs alike.

The band’s fourth album Cannonball Porch (2017)  showcases Doherty’s vulnerable and melancholic voice on what he promises to be “the most simplistic, lyrically creative, and to the point” Hood Smoke album to date. 



A “must-see act!” - Chicago Sun-Times 

"Lyrics throughout are topnotch..." - NEWCITY

"No presumptions, no grandiose expectations, just a desire to play and move an audience with their music." - CUSP Magazine

"My mind is melting in a pool of joy..." - Fresh On The Net (UK)

"Chicago band Hood Smoke is an amalgamation of sounds and genres... a kind of soul-pop fusion that is truly captivating." - WBEZ

"Where there's Hood Smoke, there's a bass line on fire." - OnMilwaukee

"Add these guys to your list of 'must-love'." - Milk Crater