Aaron Parks Little Big: Tommy Crane- drums, David 'DJ' Ginyard- bass, Aaron Parks- piano & keyboards, Greg Tuohey- guitar

*“Aaron Parks Little Big” released October 2018 on Ropeadope*

Booking: 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Aaron Parks Trio: Billy Heart- drums, Aaron Parks- piano, Ben Street- bass

*”Find The Way” released in 2017 on ECM*

Booking: Feb13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Anteloper: Jaimie Branch- trumpet& synthesizers, Jason Nazary- drums & synthesizers

*“Kudu” releasing April 2018 on International Anthem.*

Booking: 2020 **BOOK NOW**


Battle Trance: Travis Laplante - tenor saxophone, Mathew Nelson - tenor saxophone, Jeremy Viner - tenor saxophone, Patrick Breiner - tenor saxophone.

*New album coming in 2020*

Booking: 2020 Spring/Summer/Fall (EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Captain Black Big Band: Orrin Evans- piano, Caleb Wheeler- alto saxophone, Todd Bashmore- alto saxophone, John Raymond- trumpet, Bryan Davis- trumpet, Josh Lawrence- trumpet, David Gibson- trombone, Brent White- trombone, Stafford Hunter- trombone, Troy Roberts- tenor saxophone, Madison Rast- bass, Anwar Marshall- drums, Jason Brown- drums.

*New Grammy-Nominated album “Presence” released September 2018 on Smoke Sessions Records.*

Booking: December 2019 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Spring 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Summer 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Chris Lightcap's Superette: Curtis Hasselbring- guitar, Jonathan Goldberger- guitar, Dan Rieser- drums, Chris Lightcap- bass. Special guests: Nels Cline- guitar, John Medeski- organ

*”Superette” released September 7th, 2018 on The Royal Potato Family*

Booking: Fall 2019 Festivals and club dates (4-piece band) **BOOK NOW**


Chris Speed Trio: Chris Tordini - bass, Dave King - drums, Chris Speed - tenor saxophone.

*New album releasing Fall 2019 on Intakt Records*

Booking: 2020 Spring, Summer, & Fall (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Cole DeGenova: Deonte Bradley- drums, Cole DeGenova- vocals, keyboards, synth bass, George Wundsam- guitar.

Booking: October-November 2019 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Dan Weiss/Miles Okazaki Duo: Dan Weiss- drums, Miles Okazaki- guitar

*Debut album releasing in Spring of 2020*

Booking: June 7-13, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Dan Weiss Starebaby: Craig Taborn - piano, fender rhodes, Matt Mitchell - piano, prophet 6, modular synthesizers, Ben Monder - guitar, Trevor Dunn - electric bass, Dan Weiss - drums.

*New album releasing in Spring of 2020 on Pi Recordings*

Booking: April 27-May 6, 2020 (EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: July 15-31, 2020 (EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Dan Weiss Trio: Dan Weiss- drums, Jacob Sacks - piano, Thomas Morgan - bass.

*New album releasing in October 2019*

Booking: 2020 tour dates (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Dave King Trio: Matt Mitchell- piano, Billy Peterson- bass, Dave King- drums.

Booking: 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Dave Tamkin: Dave Tamkin - guitar and vocals

*New EP “Live at eTown” released in 2018*

Booking: 2019 tour dates (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade: Greg Ward - alto saxophone, Dave Miller - guitar, Matt Gold - guitar, Matt Ulery - bass, and Quin Kirchner - drums.

*Debut album “Rogue Parade: Stomping Off From Greenwood” released January 2019 on Greenleaf Records!*

Booking: October 22-24, 2019 (EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: March 15-23, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: May 20-29, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Summer 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Hanging Hearts: Chris Weller- tenor saxophone & effects, Cole DeGenova- keyboards, Quin Kirchner- drums & cymbals.

*'Into a Myth' released June 2017 on Shifting Paradigm Records*

Booking: Fall 2019 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Spring & Summer 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Hearts & Minds: Jason Stein- bass clarinet, Paul Giallorenzo- synthesizer/electric piano, Chad Taylor- drums.

*“Electroradiance” released October 2018 on Astral Spirits*

Booking: October 14-22, 2019 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Jaimie Branch’s Fly or Die: Jaimie branch - trumpet, Lester St. Louis - cello, Jason Ajemian - bass, Chad Taylor - drums. 

*”Fly or Die” released 2017 on International Anthem*

Booking: Spring 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Summer 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Fall 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Jeff Parker and The New Breed: Jeff Parker- guitar, Josh Johnson- alto saxophone, Paul Bryan- bass guitar, Jamire Williams- drums, Nate Wolcott- trumpet.

Booking: Spring, Summer, Fall 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


John Raymond & Real Feels: John Raymond- flugel Horn, Gilad Hekselman- guitar, Colin Stranahan- drums.

*New album “Real Feels Live Vol. 2” releasing January 19th, 2019 on Sunnyside Records*

Booking: October 26 - November 4, 2019 (EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Locksmith Isidore: Jason Stein- bass clarinet, Jason Roebke- bass, Mike Pride- drums.

*”After Caroline" released June 2018 on Northern Spy Records*

Booking: 2020 (Festivals in Europe & North America) **BOOK NOW**

Logan Richardson (touring projects):
Logan Richardson Presents blues PEOPLE: Logan Richardson - alto saxophone, Justus West - electric guitar and vocals, Igor Osypov - electric and acoustic guitars, DeAndre Manning - electric bass, Ryan Lee - drums
*New album releasing in March 2020*

Logan Richardson Presents SHIFT: Logan Richardson - alto saxophone, Pat Metheny - guitars, Jason Moran - piano, Harish Raghavan - bass, Nasheet Waits - drums
*New album releasing in Fall 2020*

Booking: Spring 2020 (WORLD) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Summer 2020 (WORLD) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Fall 2020 (WORLD) **BOOK NOW**


Makaya McCraven

*New album “Universal Beings” released October 26th, 2018 on International Anthem Records*

Booking: 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Miles Okazaki’s Trickster: Miles Okazaki – Guitar, Matt Mitchell – Piano, Anthony Tidd – Bass, Sean Rickman – Drums

*New album releasing fall 2019 on Pi Recordings*

Booking: May 14-31, 2019 (North America) **BOOK NOW**


Miles Okazaki: WORK

*“WORK” released August 2018 (a 6 disc set of the complete compositions of Thelonious Monk for solo guitar).*

Booking: September 12-October 6, 2019 (USA & CANADA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: Spring / Summer / Fall 2020 (USA & CANADA) **BOOK NOW**

Nate Smith: Nate Smith- drums.

*New solo album “Pocket Change” released in September 2018 on Water Baby Music & Ropeadope Records.*

*“Pocket Change” drum transcription book released December 2018*

Booking: 2019 & 2020 drum clinics and solo drum performances (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Nate Smith + KINFOLK: Nate Smith: drums, percussion, fender rhodes, synths, sounds, Jon Cowherd: piano, fender rhodes, Fima Ephron: electric bass, Brad Allen Williams: guitars, Jaleel Shaw: alto and soprano saxophones.

*New album releasing Spring of 2020*

Booking: 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & ASIA) **BOOK NOW**


Nature Work: Greg Ward- alto saxophone, Jim Black- drums, Eric Revis- bass, Jason Stein-bass clarinet.

*Debut album released June 2019 on Sunnyside Records*

Booking: Summer & Fall 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**


Orrin Evans

  • O.E. TRIO (with Lucques Curtis/Mark Whitfield, Jr. -OR- Buster Williams/Ralph Peterson)

  • O.E. QUARTET (with Luques Curtis, Mark Whitfield, Jr., and either Kurt Rosenwinkel or Kevin Eubanks)

  • O.E. SEXTET (with Gene Jackson- drums, Ben Wolfe- bass, JD Allen- saxophone, Bill McHenry- saxophone, Josh Evans- trumpet)


Booking: January 12 - March 15, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**

Booking: May 15-24, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**


Subtle Degrees: Travis Laplante- tenor saxophone & Gerald Cleaver- drums

*“A Dance That Empties” released February 2018 on New Amsterdam Records.*

Booking: 2020 (EUROPE) **BOOK NOW**

SuperBigmouth: Chris Lightcap – electric bass, Tony Malaby – tenor saxophone, Chris Cheek – tenor saxophone, Craig Taborn – keyboards, Gerald Cleaver – drums, Jonathan Goldberger – guitar, Curtis Hasselbring – guitar, Dan Rieser – drums

*Debut album releasing October 2019 on Pyroclastic Records.*

Booking: Spring, Summer, & Fall 2020 (NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE): **BOOK NOW**

Tim Berne/Matt Mitchell Duo: Tim Berne- alto saxophone, Matt Mitchell- piano

*“Angel Dusk” released March 2018*

Booking: February 10-11, 2020 (NORTH AMERICA) **BOOK NOW**