Photo cred: Christopher Andrews


Hearts & Minds: Jason Stein- bass clarinet, Paul Giallorenzo- synthesizer/electric piano, Chad Taylor- drums.

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**New album releasing September 2018 on Astral Spirits**


Called a “singularly original unit gleefully trapezing between sound and swing”, Hearts & Minds combines brash fluidity, raw lyricism, and emphatic grooves.

Hearts & Minds is a collective conceived by long-time collaborators Jason Stein (bass clarinet) and Paul Giallorenzo (synthesizer/e piano), joined by drummer Chad Taylor.

After years of shows throughout the US and Europe with original drummer Frank Rosaly, Hearts and Minds released their debut recording in 2016 on the Austin-based label Astral Spirits.

Following Rosaly’s relocation to Amsterdam shortly thereafter, Stein and Giallorenzo began working with ex-Chicagoan drummer Chad Taylor and since then, have played multiple shows throughout the US and are planning to release their second album for Astral Spirits in September of 2018.   



Downbeat - “4.5 stars. Agreeable without being compromising, the album is tuneful enough to appeal to fans of mainstream jazz and adventurous enough for disciples of creative music. That’s a total victory.”

Free Jazz Blog - “4.5 stars. Paul Giallorenzo’s keyboards propel this no-wave gem (Stocky) into a bizarre plane where it’s catchy, jerky riff could jump-start a whole new genre. Seriously, this brilliant, bizarre, brief little track is potentially monumental. Don’t let this moment pass…The band draws from a wealth of diverse sources and the combination of these elements is perfectly balanced. Highly recommended.”

The New York Times Playlist - “…covers a lot of sonic territory in twelve minutes, dropping you right into the developing frenzy; don’t miss the funk groove that bubbles up after about the ten minute mark.”

Something Else - “Unfailingly engaging and playful, Hearts and Minds exemplifies the best qualities of adventurous Chicago jazz.”

Chicago Reader - “…Drawing inspiration from the astral explorations of vintage Sun Ra but relocating them here in gritty Chicago.”

All About Jazz - “4 stars. When the Chicago trio of Jason Stein, Paul Giallorenzo, and Frank Rosaly, known as Hearts and Minds plays music, Sun Ra smiles from somewhere interplanetary.”

New York City Jazz Record - “This self-titled record presents nine closely knitted and grubby pieces gliding between headstrong melanges and jaunty, latter-day Sun Ra grooviness.”